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Tips Of the Day

Ayurveda is an art of nature so try to follow principles of Ayurveda. For instance
1.Have meals on time.
2.Be cautious about your diets.
3.Have meals according to your nature only.
4.Have/Drink a good amount of water.
5.Eat a fruit everyday.
6.Do yoga for ten minutes everyday.


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।। Om tat-sat ।।

Sexual pleasure, anger, greed, delusion, ego and 10 senses these are all the bondages to human beings. Mind works as a messenger for the body, it makes it suffer and manifest birth and death. When the mind gets away from sense objects it manifests liberation.

 This earth is the most attractive hallucination of Lord Narayan. A persons suffers and passes through many births in different species by going through this hallucination. And when it understands the truth, it gets dissolved in the Lord Narayan, being free from hallucination.

।। Om tat-sat ।।

 Ayurveda- A short description :

In this age of science there are many different ways for treatment of human beings in which Allopath, Yunani, Siddha, Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Ayurveda are main sciences. In these methods, Ayurveda has been serving ill people from millions of years. Ayurveda not only heals ill persons but also helps people in achieving religious peace, money, sexual pleasure and liberation.  Because a person is supposed healthy only if it have a healthy and sound body, senses, intellect, mind and soul. Otherwise it is not supposed completely healthy.

Samdosa samagnisch samdhatu malkriyah prasanna.
             Twendriymanah swasth ity mighiyate

 (Sage Sushrut)

Sense:- A person who has gas, bile and cough in balanced state, who have enzymes in balanced state, having the property of assimilation, Who has balanced blood, saps, flash, fat, bone, bone marrow, and semen and whose stool, urine, sweat gets ejected naturally and normally and whose senses, intellect and soul is happy; he/she only  is healthy.



He said no worries at all and follow the rules & diets of ayurveda and gave medicine just for a month.but i noticed the differnce just in fifteen days and now i am absolutly fine & happy with my family.

Thanks a Lot
Ravi Ayurveda


My name is Mrs. kavita' i am working lady in New Delhi and suffered a lot with disease MS but as i did follow with Ravi Ayurveda' really i can't explain its magic. i m thankfull to Ravi Ayurveda and from the day my whole family follow the diet rules of Ravi Ayurveda & medicine also if need.

Really i am thankfull to Ravi Ayurveda




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